Take Five



Named after the famous Dave Brubeck Quartet song, Take Five will feature music recommendations, old and new, from myself and other members of the Spaces staff.

So sit back, dig in, and enjoy.

– Scott Sumner, Editor, Studio Space


Take Five, Old + New #2

“Poison” – Bert Jansch, Birthday Blues (1969)

“Poison” may very well be my favorite song from the late Scottish folk singer Bert Jansch. He was known for his guitar virtuosity, and his playing has highly influenced many guitar greats – notably Jimmy Page and Nick Drake.

“Coals and Water” – Angel Snow, Fortune Tellers (2007)

Angel Snow has been flying under the radar, but with the kind of talent she possesses, don’t expect that to last for very much longer. She’s gained much deserved attention through writing songs for Alison Krauss. Haunting in its beauty, “Coals and Water” is another fine example of her proficiency with word and melody.

“Ain’t Gonna Stop” – Natural Child, For The Love Of The Game (2012)

Good ‘ole rock ‘n’ roll… Natural Child provides it. With shows that are packed with raw energy night in and night out, they lay it on the line and have fun doing so.

“We’ve Got To Meet Death One Day” – Luella And The Sun

When Melissa Mathes (a.k.a. Luella) approaches the mic and opens her mouth to sing, she instantly commands attention. Power is the word that comes to mind. A little blues and a lot of soul, Luella and her bandmates will leave you speechless. You may have to pick your jaw up off the floor.

“Illusion” – Gregory Porter, Water (2010)

Blessed with a rich soulful voice that can convey every emotion, Gregory Porter has mastered the art of lyrical interpretation. “Illusion” is a fine example of a singer simply in a class of his own. The man gives me hope for the future of jazz.


Editor’s Picks

Caroline Malone – Other Art Love/Editors’ Space

“Iggy and Squiggy Set/Galway Rambler” – Four Leaf Peat


Brigid Hokana – Fearless Frontline Reader

“The Sound” – The London Soul



Take Five, Old + New

“Up Above the Rock” – Ray Bryant, Up Above the Rock (1968)


It’s hard for me to describe my love for jazz piano and jazz arrangements. Late, great Ray Bryant takes me there. Smooth, smooth, smooth.

“Crucify Your Mind” – Sixto Rodriguez, Cold Fact (1970)


A lost album that deserves to be found again, Cold Fact has aged well. Folk, rock, and a touch of psych fill this gem from 1970.

“Hummed Low” – Odessa Rose, Odessa Rose EP (2012)


Odessa Rose has played violin/fiddle with numerous musicians that you’ve certainly heard of, including Old Crow Medicine Show and Edward Sharpe. But Odessa’s a huge artistic talent in her own right. Look out for her debut album later this year. Produced by Jacquire King, it’s sure to please.

“What’s The Drawback?” – The Silver Seas, Château Revenge! (2010)


Fronted by vocalist/guitarist Daniel Tashian, bandmates Jason Lehning, Lex Price, and David Gehrke round out this excellent pop-centric band. Jeff Lynn would be proud, if he isn’t already. Be a fan.

“Come Tomorrow” – Andrew Combs, Worried Man (2012)


Andrew Combs lists Mickey Newbury, Townes Van Zandt, and Willie Nelson among his influences. Those are some heavy hitters in the songwriting world, to say the least. Combs is the real deal, however, and his debut album proves that. Laced with fantastic lyrics throughout, it’s a country music must-have.


Editor’s Picks

Mary Carroll-Hackett – Founding/Managing Editor 

“Haste Make” – Mandolin OrangeHaste Make/Hard Hearted Stranger (2011)



Alex Odom – Graphically Speaking Editor

“Johnny B. Goode” – Chuck Berry, Chuck Berry Is On Top (1959)


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