This publication is a labor of love for all involved, artists of all kinds themselves who firmly believe that art is necessary on all levels to the health, success, and happiness of any society. We believe in collaboration, in community, in intersections and explorations, in the risks artists take. We believe in and will defend the freedoms required for artists to do that hard and beautiful work. We believe in the responsibilities artists have to their communities, and that communities have to their artists. We also believe that artistic communities working together, building together, and celebrating each other is the path to keeping all artists thriving in what seems to be an ongoing battle for diminishing support in our current economic and political climate.

We love literary magazines. We love art magazines. We love anywhere art asks questions. We love all the different ways all kinds of artists ask those questions. And we love it even more when those wonderful things can be found in one space.

Editors-in-Chief/Managing Editors: Alex Odom and Austin Eichelberger

Poetry Editors: Brittany Clark and Caroline Malone

State of the Art Essay Editor: Maggie Bausch

Graphically Speaking Editor: Kelley van Dilla

Art &… Editor: Rachel Hicks

Photo Essay Editors: Kaitlynn Slaughter and Barbara Justice

Closet Space Editors: Angela Sloan and Katherine Sloan

Pastiche, Hybrids, and Amalgams Editors: Austin Eichelberger and Adriana Barrios

Studio Space Editor: Scott Sumner

Fearless Frontline Readers: Andrew Baker and Jessica Wimmer