Photo Essay: Laura Diliberto



A Weightless World






A Weightless World– Talking About the Story: Laura Diliberto

These 5 images surround an ongoing series about the ability to create new worlds and an alternative reality within the photographic frame. In these worlds, there are no limitations when it comes to gravity, stories, colors, and characters – everything in the photo takes on a life of its own. I’m not afraid to explore concepts that cross the lines of lightness, darkness, beauty, and sadness. By using painterly techniques and a square format, traditional photography is replaced by stories that exist within my imagination.


Laura DilbertoLaura Diliberto is 24 and resides in Queens, New York. Laura writes: “I’ve always been interested in the arts so I majored in Arts Management in college, but I picked up a DSLR last year and started teaching myself Photoshop. I’ve quickly grown to love this type of photography because I feel like it’s a way for me to creatively express my imagination in a way that no other medium could. I’m inspired by storytelling, paintings, unique colors and compositions. I hope to continue creating conceptual imagery to show in galleries, as well as expand my skill set towards fashion, beauty, and wedding photography.”

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