Prompts Response Feature: Regina Walker



(Interviewer: Brittany Clark, Prompts Editor for SPACES)

Create something inspired by the moon,

or using the moon as a central metaphor.

Moon Over Manhattan by Regina A. Walker

Moon Over Manhattan by Regina A. Walker

Brittany: Regina, thanks for sharing your beautiful photograph. What about the prompt inspired you?

Regina: Living in NYC, the moon is a something that captivates me. Amongst the false lights of the city, I experience the moon in all its’ manifestations my connection to the universe.

Brittany: You know, at SPACES, we’re not only open to, but want to encourage cross-genre responses to any of our prompts. What made you choose photography to respond to the prompt? Is this medium usually your first choice?

Regina: Photography is my medium of choice. I paint, draw and write with photographs.

Brittany: Was this photograph your first attempt at responding to the prompt?Or was there trial and error?

Regina: This was my first attempt to respond to the prompt.

Brittany: Tell us about your usual creative process. Do you typically turn to prompts and exercises to inspire you, or was this out of your comfort zone?

Regina: I rarely respond to prompts or exercises. I tend to wander around with my camera and allow images to capture me.

Brittany: If you were to write a prompt for SPACES’ readers, what would it be?

Regina: I guess my prompt would be “capture what captivates you.”

regina walker Regina Walker is a Psychotherapist, Writer and Photographer in NYC. Her photographs have been shown in exhibits in galleries and museums in NYC, Woodstock New York and Florida.